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Mature Adult Inventors: The Benefits and Helpful Resources

In a world where youngsters at startups are seemingly overtaking the invention and tech industries, it turns out inventors over the age of 65 are putting their innovation and experience to work. Of the United Inventors Association’s members, over 60 percent are older, according to the executive director, John Calvert, as reported by the New York Times. What qualities do senior inventors possess that help them over younger ones and what resources are available to you if you’re one of them?

Experience and Contribution

While it may seem like the young entrepreneur has it all in terms of innovation and time, senior inventors aren’t going to just sit on the sidelines while others steal the spotlight. Many of them actually have a leg up on younger folks, as they may have been successful business or salespeople in their lengthy careers. This gives them not only ample amounts of experience, but the expertise to know their own personal strengths and weaknesses when pitching to investors. Also, due to their experience and professional backgrounds, they may have an easier time pitching successfully and gaining valuable business relationships.

Many inventors who we know for making some of the products we use everyday were older when they first invented the gadgets we so rely on. For example, Walter Hunt patented the safety pin at age 53 and Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in his late 70s.

A Bevvy of Resources

For mature adult inventors, there are a wide variety of resources to assist you on your patent journey.

The most prominent one has to do with the patent approval process, which is notoriously lengthy. For most inventors, the patent approval process can take years, but some senior inventors may not have years to wait, either due to age or health circumstances. For these situations, the USPTO can make your application special on the basis of age or health. This does require a petition to be filed, which may include providing supporting evidence, but can help expedite your patent’s examination.

Another resource available for senior inventors is the plethora of thinktanks and inventor’s clubs  today. Having an idea can be solitary, but all it takes are some like-minded individuals to help you get your idea off the ground. Many of these places are supportive of inventors, no matter their age. Looking online or in your local area can help you find like-minded individuals near you.

Another resource for inventors comes in the form of finances. Inventing is an expensive hobby or job, and grants are available in a wide variety of areas that you can apply for. This includes those for inventions specifically, mature adults, and even small businesses, if you’re looking to or already have made your invention into a business. Grants can provide valuable financial resources to older adults who are looking to get a leg up with their invention.

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