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Adam Carolla Won’t Back Down: Podcasting Patent Suit Continues

 Adam Carolla and Personal Audio LLC are still at it, battling over the comedian’s alleged infringement of a patent related to podcasting – a “system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence.”

Carolla turned down PA’s most recent offer to dismiss the case, claiming that he and his team have already racked up “hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses” and that they plan to ride this case out to the end.  So far, his FundAnything page has raised over $465,000 in donations to help his defense, and he’s made it very clear that he is not going to back down.  In one of his videos supporting the campaign, Carolla states, “We’re going to circle the wagons, band together, and come out throwing punches.”

Personal Audio seemed genuinely shocked by the comedian’s response, calling rumors that the company is out to destroy podcasting “ludicrous.”  PA dropped the charges brought against Carolla and a number of others after realizing what little money podcasters actually make.  Carolla then filed a countersuit against PA, requesting that U.S. Patent 8,112,504 be invalidated for good.

CEO of Personal Audio, Brad Liddle, stated in a recent press release that Carolla may be continuing his fight “because he feels he can simply get his fans to fund his future, and now unnecessary, legal expenses. Or perhaps it relates to how he uses the case as material for his show… The fact of the matter is that Adam Carolla is asking people to donate money to him for a lawsuit that he no longer needs to defend.”

Though court orders prevent Carolla from responding directly, his fans are speaking out.  The team’s FundAnything page was filled with comments regarding the latest news, and supporters are urging Carolla to continue to stay strong.  Check out what fans are saying by clicking here.