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Robotic Linear Revolving Door to Prevent Mass Shootings

Barbecan Security Systems LLC recently received a patent for its new Robotic Linear Revolving Door, a high-tech security portal aimed at keeping armed attackers from entering a building. After witnessing the devastating effects of the Virginia Tech school shooting back in 2007, the Seattle-based company began designing plans for a robotic security portal that could be installed in schools, banks, malls and other venues.

Capable of adapting to each entering person’s gait and speed, the door will also consist of a multitude of threat sensors, including “metal detectors, chemical, explosive, biological, and radiological sensors, and different scanning technologies including x-ray imaging and penetrating RF imaging such as (UWB) radar imaging or millimeter wave imaging.”

In times when a threat is detected, the LRD reverses, pushing the armed person out. Managing director of Barbecan Security Systems, Bob Osann, is more than confident in his company’s development, making bold statements such as “The LRD will not let an armed gunman enter a building. Period.”

These portals can be stacked to provide multiple entrance and exit points in high traffic areas, and can easily adjust to move in any direction. Each portal will also feature a sealed roof so that weapons cannot be passed over the doorway. If two people should try to enter through the revolving door at the same time, the system would shut down, holding the two people in a confined space until they’re cleared for access.

In a recent press release detailing the new security system, the company states that “To prevent another mass shooting like Newtown, Columbine, or Virginia Tech, a new solution is needed.” Osann and his team believe that their LRD is the answer.

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